How we do it:

All the components are built in the factory. This means that your structure can be erected the minute your foundation is ready. Don't worry we help with foundations too, our licensed professional contractors can get the foundation ready if needed as soon as we are done choosing your land and finalizing full purchase .

We have a variety of floor plans to choose from ,easy to breakdown finishes package and get it done fast. If you've been approved for a loan and are ready to start your home build or investment property call us now to get details on options available.

600 sq ft Floorplan

                                                  Example: (2)  2 bedroom floor plans available to choose from .


Take the Steps:

1. Call to get FREE consultation .

2. Make down payment then Pick Home floor plan,land and foundation type.

3. Choose date to start build and make full payment to lock in .

4. Sit back and let the pros build your dream home .

How long does it take

Depending on how fast payment gets completed ,weather and permit timeline it could take anywhere from 1-3 months usually in most cases. We will keep you updated  by sending you pictures of the build as it progress and you will also get to see the process in person once walls are up which usually happens within the first few weeks of build. Once done with exterior walls we will contact you to pick finishes and finalize the build. Before you know it you will be in your new home and improved total property value tremendously .


When it comes time to build, you will find the construction process quick and easy. Get started now with your deposit to secure your build start date and have budget ready and we got the rest covered .

Ex. 2 bedroom 1 bath floor plan build cost total of $48,000 

What kind of budget do I need ?

It depends on what space you'd like but with a minimum  of $35,000 you cant get something like Tiny home built from ground out on your own property but if you need land for the build add extra $25,000 at least as a ball park. Imagine getting land and home built for total $60k with no stress on you to find contractors or deal with permitting ,inspectors etc. Prices are all inclusive no hidden fees or cost because we know what to expect.

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