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Residential Window Cleaning

If you are a home owner, you know cleaning windows can be a pain. It is a very time consuming task, and usually involves climbing up a ladder. Even with all of the products on the market for cleaning your windows, nothing can take the place of a professional cleaning service. The simple reasons for having Tru.Shine clean your windows are:
Maintain the value of your home
Keep your home sparkling and beautiful
save money on repair or replacing windows

Home window cleaning is made easy when you choose Tru.Shine Window Cleaning. All you have to do sit back, relax, and do what you love, while we do what we do well. Here’s what to expect when you hire us.
We will remove all the screens.
We wash & rinse the screens upon request.
We then begin cleaning the outside of your windows using our strip washer and squeegee.
We scrape the paint, and bug droppings outside of the windows.
Next we towel dry the edges on the windows.
We wipe and clean the sills at no extra cost.
Then we put on our shoe covers and begin work inside.
We start the same process of washing and squeegeeing the windows.
We also wipe the sills inside the house.
To finish up we walk around the house, double check our the window cleaning for streaks, and make sure everything is back in place.

Commercial Window Cleaning

When we clean your windows, our professional, uniformed staff will show up on time and treat your business as if it were our own. There are no jobs too big or small. Our respectful window cleaners can handle everything from a small family business to large office buildings. Whether we are visiting you twice a week or twice a year, summer or winter, we will be there for you.

Our professionals are not just any window cleaners. When we work for you, we make sure everything is taken care of so you can have a worry-free experience.
Exterior commercial window cleaning
Interior commercial window cleaning
Wipe down the frames
Wipe all the sills
Dry & wipe all window cleaning related drips off of the ground


Book an appointment with 11 pro services


Since opening our doors, we’ve been committed to providing Pressure Washing, House Washing, Roof Cleaning, Gutter cleaning and Window Cleaning services of the highest quality, paying particular attention to working efficiently while keeping the lines of communication with our clients clear and concise. to ensure excellence. We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. 

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Over the years, we’ve learned that great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals, which explains our rigorous hiring process. We believe that our team is the best in the business and have complete and total confidence in every person providing our services . Our powerful yet soft touch pressure washer finishes each project on schedule and with the highest level of quality. With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed expectations


Book an appointment with 11 pro services



We also do Trash can , Trash bins, Trash pads for both residential and /commercial locations. We make a dirty job clean, Instant Appointments available now. No hassle Easy bookings online. 

Let us clean it for you 2 times a month or as needed for $65/35 1st time , Repeat customers $45/25

Book an appointment with 11 pro services

Book an appointment with 11 pro services